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Stop worrying so much about the cost of repairs for blocked drains. At Plumber Huntershill, we guarantee to provide quality drain clearing service at an affordable price. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and well-trained to deal with all types of blocked drains.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots can head towards your drain pipes in search of water sources leading to complete blockage, especially in old homes with earthenware pipes
  • Faults in the sewer line can also cause clogs
  • Oils and grease can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes giving rise to obstructions
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can build up resulting to clogs

Some of the tools and materials used by the Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • RootX, a root intrusion solution
  • High strength acid
  • High pressure water jetter
  • Electric Eel drain clearing equipment

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Blocked Drain in Hunters Hill

While the weather was nice and before the summer water restrictions were implemented Sam set about using his high pressure water cleaner to clean the pavers on both sides of the house and the back patio that had become slippery and dangerous from a build-up of moss during the winter months.

Firstly he swept up all of the leaves and debris on the paths and picked up some of the sticks dropped from the tree above. He also noticed the birds had done their bit to dirty the paths around his home.He set up the water jetter and put on his fishing waders so that he didn’t get his pants wet and also put on safety goggles so that no dirt would be blasted into his face and eyes with the force of the water jitter.

He worked for several hours meticulously cleaning the path and washing all of the silt towards the storm water drain at the end of the driveway. He was covered in mud and moss but the paths behind him looked great. He noticed there were a few little patches he needed to make in the concrete but otherwise the paths were in good condition overall.

As he worked his way towards the driveway drain he noticed that there was a lot of water pooling at the bottom of the driveway. He was not concerned as he had done a lot of cleaning. He waited 15 minutes but the water level never moved. He decided it was time to call Your Neighbourhood Plumber Hunters Hill to see what was blocking the drain.

The Hunters Hill Plumber arrived and investigated the drain blockage. With all of the trees in the area he suspected that there could be tree roots in the drain as well as a lot of silt and debris from Sam’s clean up.

He used the high pressure water jitter and was able to jet through a blockage in the drain. The also retrieved a lot of tree roots on the jitter head. He inspected the drain with his Sewer Camera and found that a DIY plumber had made a very poor junction out of garden drainage pipe. It was not designed for this application and was letting tree roots penetrate the drain. He dug up a small section and replaced the junction in PVC to prevent this happening again.

If like Sam you find your drains block and you need a drainage expert in Hunters Hill, call 0412 156 821 and organize a plumber today!

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