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Whilst many of us like to take pride in having control over many aspects of our lives, the truth is, there are some things that are simply out of our control. Blockages to sewer systems caused by tree root invasion is one of them. There’s no stopping tree roots that are in relentless pursuit of a water source, our sewer pipes being a very popular one for them. Minor plumbing issues such as a clogged kitchen sink can sometimes be rectified at home with the aid of a plunger, plumbing snake or drain cleaners but when these do not solve the problem, it is imperative that you have a professional plumber assess your sewer system right away. Have you experienced any of the following of late?

  • Your toilet won’t flush properly
  • Strange bubbling sounds can be heard from your kitchen sink or bathroom basin
  • Water in some or all parts of the home is draining slowly
  • Your sewer gully is overflowing
  • There is an awful stench around kitchen and bathroom areas

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s unfortunately safe to assume you have a serious sewer line blockage issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. What IS fortunate, is that there is a sewer line repair option that does not require digging up your beloved property, forking out a huge amount of cash, nor waiting around for days for the repair to be completed. This revolutionary method of pipe rehabilitation is known as ‘pipe relining’.

Pipe relining put simply

Basically, pipe relining is the process of inverting a lining made of fibreglass cloth that has been steeped in resin into the damaged or ‘host’ pipe. This creates a pipe within a pipe and results in the host pipe becoming extremely resilient. This method removes the need for pipe replacement and can be performed on an array of sewer pipe types, ranging in size from 40mm to 600mm.

How pipe relining is performed – the steps

To give you a better understanding of how pipe relining works, here are the steps that our pipe relining experts will undertake:

  • Partial clean: With the aid of a powerful hydro jetter, the affected pipe will be partially cleaned in preparation for the next step – the video inspection.
  • CCTV video inspection: Via a CCTV sewer video camera, our plumbers will discover the location and severity of the damage to your pipe. We ask our clients to view this footage also to allow them to make an informed decision about whether to opt for pipe relining or not.
  • Thorough clean: If it has been decided by all that pipe relining is indeed the best solution for the pipe repair, then a very thorough clean of the sewer pipe will be carried out, again using the high powered water jetter.
  • Installing the lining: Once the pipe is squeaky clean, the epoxy resin-coated fibreglass cloth tube will be inverted into the host pipe, then pressed firmly against the diameter of the pipe with an air compressor.
  • Curing time: Once the resin-soaked liner is in place, it will be left to dry for usually around 2 hours. Steam may also be used for larger pipes as it can accelerate the curing process.
  • Final video inspection: Once the lining has cured, our plumbers will perform another video inspection for quality control.

Pipe relining – the advantages

It is clear that pipe relining has many advantages over more traditional pipe rehabilitation methods. Here are some of the benefits our clients have already enjoyed as a result of opting for the pipe relining process:

  • Saves you money – As there are no costs relating to messy excavations, pipe relining is a far more cost-effective method
  • Saves you time – Pipe relining is a fast process that is usually completed within only one day – in just a few hours, in some instances
  • Minimal disruption – This fast, revolutionary ‘no dig’ method means less disruption to your property and daily life
  • A more resilient sewer line – Pipes that have been relined are actually more resilient to forces such as tree root intrusion.
  • Better wastewater flow – Relined pipes have a faster, steadier flow of wastewater than ever.
  • Long-lasting – Relined pipes are guaranteed to last for up to 50 years

With all these amazing benefits, it make sense to give pipe relining a go. Call us today on 0412 156 821 and we’ll answer any questions you have about this incredible pipe repair method.