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Plumber Hunters Hill Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

While the weather was nice and before the summer water restrictions were implemented Sam set about using his high pressure water cleaner to clean the pavers…

Plumber Hunters Hill Hot Water

Hot Water

Roger the dog was happily running around the backyard when he saw Therese in the laundry, affectionately known as the “wash house” at that is primarily…

Plumber Hunters Hill Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Roger the dog was happily running around the backyard when he saw Therese in the laundry, affectionately known as the “wash house” at that is primarily…

Plumber Hunters Hill Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

Whilst many of us like to take pride in having control over many aspects of our lives, the truth is, there are some things that are simply out of our control..

Fact’s About Hunters Hill

Located on Sydney’s North Shore, Hunters Hill was named after John Hunter, the second Governor of NSW. It also is known by its aboriginal name Moocooboola (“Meeting of Waters”), celebrated in a yearly festival of the same name. Hunters Hill was the home of the first female retailer in Sydney Mary Reiby and during the 1840’s bushrangers and convicts who had escaped from the Cockatoo Island penal settlement would take refuge in Hunters Hill. There are many heritage listed buildings in the area some settlers used Italian stone masons to construct homes from the local sandstone. During the early 1900’s Hunters Hill was an industrial area with one of the industries being a radium and uranium refinery processing ore brought from Radium Hill in South Australia. Thankfully that industry was closed down in 1915 and the area is more residential these days. Hunter’s Hill Council used a grant from the NSW Environment Trust harvest stormwater runoff at the Sailing Club as well as collecting water from the roofs of the Sailing Club and the amenities block. This water is stored in rainwater tanks beside the Sailing Club run through a series of filters to remove litter and other pollutants and this treated water is used to flush toilets and wash boats. You too can follow the lead of the council and reduce your water usage by installing dual flush toilets, (using the half flush can save four buckets of water a day) and installing WELS rated water saving shower heads and tapware. You can also install a rainwater tank that can be used to water your garden or top up your pool. Practical advice is a phone call away, call Plumber Hunters Hill we can help you reduce your family’ water consumption and save you money.

Your local plumbing professionals providing you with the best service and advice for all of your plumbing needs including

  • The repair or replacement of dripping, faulty or out-date tapware
  • The mending or replacement of running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked bowls
  • Gas Fitting such as repairs to existing lines, installation of new lines and LPG BBQ conversions
  • Locating and repairing leaking water pipes
  • Environmentally friendly rainwater tanks installed, maintained or replaced
  • Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
  • Hot Water System overhauls or replacement and Solar and Gas Hot Water installations

There are many reasons to call Plumber Hunters Hill, here are 7 of them

  • Appointment times are guaranteed and we will call you on approach
  • We provide a quoted price before we even lift a wrench, avoiding nasty surprises
  • We guarantee our work 100%
  • Our phones are answered 24 hours, 7 days a week for any emergency plumbing issues
  • We provide an obligation FREE plumbing and safety inspection, with multiple job discounts
  • Our vehicles are fully stocked ready to work or your plumbing job
  • Blocked drains of all types are our specialty, we have the latest drain clearing equipment

“Start saving today, book your job online and as a special thank you for using our services, you will receive a $25 discount through the Plumber Hunters Hill website.”

What People Say

Reliable Plumber In Hunters Hill

Evelyn understood now why her young daughter had come flying into the room, shrieking about a monster in the toilet. She flushed the offending item again, listening to the gurgling and watching the water rise up and drain incredibly slowly. This had never happened before, but Evelyn was fairly sure there was a blockage. While she was fairly handy at fixing her taps, toilets where a complete unknown.
She went to the kitchen counter and pulled out a postcard she’d recently received from a Plumber claiming he was local to Hunters Hill. She rang and found that he actually had a free spot that very afternoon. So Evelyn booked him in and waited for his phone call. He rang as promised, announcing he was roughly 15 minutes away. After looking at the toilet, the plumber ran through the options. He could try plunging it to see if that would work, but he doubted it. “Why?” Evelyn asked, thinking he was trying to weasel more money out of her. He showed her. “I tested some of your other fixtures”, he explained, using her laundry tub as an example. He filled it up then took the plug out. To Evelyn’s surprise, the floor waste gurgled and the sink took a ridiculously long time to drain. “This means the problem isn’t in your toilet, but further down the line.” He recommended a high pressure water jetter. It worked by running the hose down the sewer line and spraying water against the obstruction until it cleared. Only, as the name indicated, there was a lot of pressure behind the water. It would actually cut through tree roots and clear through blockages far more effectively than an electric eel.
Evelyn agreed to the work and watched as he found an access point to the line in her backyard. He set up the jetter and began running the hose down the line. He cleared through the problems and then ran a camera down to see what the cause was, he even showed her on the monitor. Tree roots had been the culprit, and they’d been completely cut away. Once the plumber had left, Evelyn made sure to stick the postcard with the Hunters Hill Plumbers’ number onto her phonebook. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber in Hunters Hill, call 0402 290 290 and organise an appointment today!